Touchscreen POS

Make the switch to touchscreen POS

The point and click point of sale solutions look comparatively outdated next to touchscreen technology. Touchscreen have become commonplace throughout society, and are fast becoming prevalent within the retail sector. With Webstika’s touchscreen POS, retailers are now able to simply tap a screen to run their entire business.

Touchscreen POS, a better in-store experience

Tap a screen to execute sales, enter customer data, manage staff and locate items to provide a better experience for your customers. Don’t be restricted by having your terminal fixed to a counter, bring the terminal to the customer and eliminate annoying waiting lines. Webstika’s touchscreen POS even has its own iPad app!

Streamlined touchscreen POS user interface

Whether you’re a seasoned point-of-sale user or just starting, Webstika has been designed to make retailing more simplified and easy to use. Enhance your in-store aesthetic with Webstika’s iPad app, that sees your product catalogue beautifully visualized on the touchscreen tablet. Make life easier for your staff with our intuitive POS and impress your customers at the same time!

Touchscreen POS to help you make smarter decisions

As an all-in-one retail solution, Webstika is a brilliant vessel to access how well your store is doing. From sales charts to inventory reports, Webstika gives you all the information you require – all accessible on our POS. Get real-time information in just a few taps and make smarter decisions for your business.

Scale your store with touchscreen POS

If you’re a pop-up store looking to add more outlets, Webstika’s touchscreen is perfect for you. As a cloud-based solution, expanding your point of sale can be done directly on your POS. Whether you’re transferring stock from store to store, or managing staff across multiple locations Webstika makes it easy to scale your business as you see fit.

store and online


Launch a complete gifting program. Sell eGift cards online and plastic gift cards in your store.

Boost sales


Let customers gift from anywhere and introduce your business to their friends and family.

Built-in feature


Gift cards work seamlessly with your webstika point of sale and your webstika Dashboard.

Smart tracking


Get valuable sales insights and consolidate all your tracking and reporting in one place.

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