Retail Technology Solutions

Retail Technology Solutions

Webstika retail technology solutions are the envy of other POS systems for its sheer functionality and effortlessly scalable product.

All-in-one Retail Technology Solution

POS systems have grown to be more efficient and robust, creating seamless experiences for retailers managing their stores. In setting out to create the best POS on the market, Webstika’s retail technology solutions have ensured that customers are getting an all-in-one system that contains all the tools needed to streamline their business.

Enhance in-store sales with native iPad app

Webstika is one of the leading cloud-based retail technology solutions, which makes it compatible on any device that has access to a web-browser and internet connection. Our native iPad app can get retailers taking sales to the customer directly, speeding up checkout times and elevating the service experience.

Process sales on-the-go

Another invention of modern retail technology solutions is selling on-the-go, and Webstika’s iPad app is a great way to utilize that. Take your iPad with you to sell on the road in pop-up shops, in local markets and trade-shows, expanding your customer base greatly.

Multi-store outlets

Scaling your store by 1 or 100 new outlets, is a breeze with Webstika. All outlets and registers can be managed straight from your POS. It really is that efficient, and best of all as a cloud-based system, there are no hidden networking costs!

Advanced Analytics

Making correct business decisions to bolster the improvement of your bottom line, requires significant insights into your daily operations. Webstika’s analytics reporting function does that with data of your store’s sales, a product’s popularity and a customer’s spending habits.

Economical, global solution

Webstika has been praised for its commitment to affordable and flexible pricing. At an economical 3,648.32 per month, Webstika is a cost-effective solution for retailers worldwide. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial and test out our award-winning POS platform today!

Compatible hardware

Getting counter ready with Webstika is easy, especially with Webstika’s plug-n-play hardware compatibility. Webstika, is congruent with a wide-range of retail printers and barcode scanners, so any existing hardware that you have laying around may work just fine.

Beautifully visualized user-interface

A key component of our design of Webstika POS was to create a user-interface that not only looked stunning, but was easy to navigate and use as well. To that end, we’ve created a system that beautifully visualises your product catalogue and enriches your staff and customer’s POS experience.

Integrated card-payment processors

Webstika is accessible to retailers worldwide, which is why we have partnered with leading payment processors like PayPal Here, iZettle, Tyro, Vantiv and more! Give your customers faster, easier and seamless payment transactions on mobile devices with Webstika.

Available on all devices

As a cloud based solution, Webstika is compatible on any device that has access to a web-browser and internet connection. It’s the next step in retail technology solutions that doesn’t require you to be in-store to make pertinent business decisions and observations.

24/7 support

With step-by-step guides on how to set-up Webstika POS, a helpful range of tutorial videos and a 24/7 live chat service, Webstika’s support portal has all you need to effectively run your business. Our live chat team are always on hand to answer all your POS related questions.

Start, run & grow your business with Webstika

The all-in-one retail platform with everything you need

Retail Solutions for any device


Sell in-store, on-the-go and even access it from home – Webstika is on cloud and accessible from anywhere

Retail Solutions that works offline

Continue selling even when offline. Your POS works both online & offline. No internet dependency!

Robust inventory using your POS

Easily create and manage your product details with variant level inventory tracking.

Multiple payment types

Accept cash, card, gift cards or sell ‘on account’. Webstika works with leading payment providers globally.

Deals, loyalty, gift cards in your POS

Grow your business with customer-centric features like special deals, gift cards and loyalty program.

Getting started with Webstika is very easy

With powerful data import features, rich

support articles and 24/7 support, Webstika makes it easier.

Import your data

You can upload all existing products & customers data in one go with our intuitive DIY data import feature.


Customize your POS

Webstika is fully customizable and lets you set your currency, time-zone, tax-rules & even language settings

24/7 Support

If you get stuck, our 24/7 support team is here to help – We’ll respond promptly even if you are not our paid customer yet.

You are in good company

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