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Point of Sale.Redefined.

Managing your store with Webstika’s point of sale SaaS has never been easier. As an all-in-one retail solution for your business needs, Webstika has redefined the point of sale system to be robust and adaptable, for your every circumstance.

Point of sale SaaS on any device

Our POS has been designed to work on any device. Whether you’re selling in a brick and mortar store or on a food truck, access Webstika from any PC, Mac or tablet to get your store running. Our iPad app was created specifically for the tablet, so that its simplicity gives you the feeling of flexibility and ease that you can pass on directly to your customers.

Works online & offline!​

The beauty of Webstika is that unlike other cloud-based online Point of Sale SaaS, Webstika works whether your online or offline! Continue processing sale transactions even when your internet connection is down. Especially useful if you have a mobile business, selling on-the-go. All transactions whilst offline, will automatically sync to your store’s cloud once you get back to a stable internet connection.

24/7 support​

Webstika’s terrific support team is ready 24 hours, 7 days a week to answer all your questions. Our live chat team are quick to respond and free to use. Additionally, our extensive range of resource documents have been designed to help you on your retailing journey. Just another reason why Webstika is so highly regarded by business’s around the world. We’re here to help!

An innovative yet simple SaaS solution on your iPad

Webstika’s intuitive Point of Sale SaaS looks incredible on your iPad, giving your staff an easy to use interface, with all your products beautifully visualised. Impress your customers too with the simplicity of Webstika that is sure to lead to faster checkout times.

Enrich your in-store experience with Webstika today!

Point of sale SaaS that saves money

Starting as low as $49/month, take full advantage of Webstika’s all-in-one POS SaaS solution that ‘Webstikas-up’ your sales and customer engagement. The versatility of Webstika POS means that you can set up your PC, Mac or tablet and start using it for your retail needs within minutes. No installation or capital outlay required.Its that easy!

Start, run & grow your business with Webstika

The all-in-one retail platform with everything you need

Retail Solutions for any device


Sell in-store, on-the-go and even access it from home – Webstika is on cloud and accessible from anywhere

Retail Solutions that works offline

Continue selling even when offline. Your POS works both online & offline. No internet dependency!

Robust inventory using your POS

Easily create and manage your product details with variant level inventory tracking.

Multiple payment types

Accept cash, card, gift cards or sell ‘on account’. Webstika works with leading payment providers globally.

Deals, loyalty, gift cards in your POS

Grow your business with customer-centric features like special deals, gift cards and loyalty program.

Getting started with Webstika is very easy

 With powerful data import features, richsupport articles and 24/7 support, Webstika makes it easier.

Import your data

You can upload all existing products & customers data in one go with our intuitive DIY data import feature.


Customize your POS

Webstika is fully customizable and lets you set your currency, time-zone, tax-rules & even language settings

24/7 Support

If you get stuck, our 24/7 support team is here to help – We’ll respond promptly even if you are not our paid customer yet.

You are in good company

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