Intuitive retail software

Intuitive Retail Software

Point of sale

iPad, PC, Mac

Webstika POS works on iPad, PC and Mac. Data syncs to a central database in the cloud so you can use any/all supported devices in your outlet/s.


You can sell even if your internet is down. When your internet is back, transactions are automatically synced back to the cloud.

Fully customisable

Webstika lets you customise product options, tax rules, receipt content, categories, layout and much more. Webstika POS works around your setup, not the other way around.

Lighting quick. Tap, search or scan

Tap, search or scan barcode to add items to the shopping basket.

Be mobile

Take your Webstika iPad point of sale register to your customer, and accept orders anywhere.



Apply discounts to an entire sale or simply alter $ value for particular product line items.

Park sales, Lay-by

Park orders for later fulfilment. You can also park lay-by orders with partial and periodic payments.

Custom Sale

Every once in a while you may require to add custom sale items on the fly right at the checkout. Webstika lets you do just that.

Easy order flow

When ready to take customer payment, simply click on pay, take payment, pops open the cash drawer and receipt is printed. The seamless process means faster moving queues and happier customers.

Order Notes

Attach notes to any order items so tracking special requests is easier. No more ‘Oops, I forgot!’ moments.


Integrated card payments

Webstika fully integrates with renowned in-store payment providers like PayPal Here, Tyro and iZettle.

Use your existing card terminal

Prefer to stay with your existing card processing terminal? No problems! With Webstika you can track card payments made using an external card terminal.

Gift cards

Sell gift cards, that your customers can use as payment method. Track gift card usage and balances.

‘On Account’ sales

Sell on account, automatically post outstanding sales data to your Xero or QuickBooks Online accounting system.Webstika

Partial payments

With ability to park orders with partial payments, you can accept deposits and lay-bys.

Custom payment types

Create and track custom payment types e.g., Cheques.


Integrated ecommerce

Sync all your products from Webstika and take your integrated online store live with few easy clicks. Your products, inventory, order management and customer records are automatically streamlined.

Real-time sync

No more multiple inventories or guesswork. Whether you sell in-store, online or at an expo, your central inventory updates automatically.


Unlimited products

With Webstika, all paid plans come with unlimited products. No hidden surprises here.

Product options/variations

Easily setup product variants such as colours, size and material. Manage bar codes and stock at variant levels.


Bulk import & export

Use our product import template to build your product list in minutes. Import all products at once – your POS will be sales ready in hours, not days!

Stock management

Manage stock down to variant, track stock levels, transfer inventory between stores and manage purchase orders.

Painless stock-takes

Generate full or partial stock-takes. Take iPad register on warehouse/shop floor with you to take count and instantly enter it in the system.

Real-time updates

Whether you sell in-store, online or on-the-go when a transaction is entered, inventory gets updated everywhere, instantly.

Store management

Cash float

Manage cash float including tracking of all cash amounts added to and removed from cash drawer.

Daily totals

Generate daily totals shift reports to keep track of all payment types and transactions including cash, cards, gift cards, on account sales and returns.

Staff access & pin

You decide what each of your team member can see and do in your POS system. Effectively log all changes and transactions with individual staff PIN.

Cash calculator

Before closing your register, simply add current values by denominations and Webstika will save totals, discrepancies and counting in shift reports.

Order history

Simply scan order receipt to view the past order or search it using customer or order numbers.

Returns & refunds

Refund past orders to the customer using original payment method.

Transaction Report

Webstika keeps track of all daily transactions for every sale, payment & refunds.

Customer management

Customer profiles

Centrally managed customer profiles whether they buy with you in-store/s, online or both.

Purchase history

Know your customers better with complete (in-store & online) purchase history linked to their profile.

Bulk import

Bring your existing customers list to Webstika with easy CSV import.

Loyalty rewards

Run a powerful & flexible loyalty rewards program and win their repeat business.


Powerful analytics

Webstika helps you understand your business better so you can positively influence your sales, service quality and costs.

Shift reports

Generate daily totals shift reports to keep track of all payment types and transactions including cash, cards, gift cards, on account sales and returns.

Transaction & sales reports

Webstika keeps track of all daily transaction for every sale, payment & refunds.


All orders come through to your Webstika register. So, whether order was placed in-store or online, your staff have to use only one system to process.


Refund past orders to the customer using original payment method.

Order history

Simply scan order receipt to view the past order or search it using customer or order numbers.


Multiple outlets

Webstika grows with your business. It takes only minutes to set-up and start using new outlet, pop-up store or a warehouse.

Powerful multi-store reporting

Generate a consolidated report to see how your business is doing in general and you can also drill down to a particular site level. Access these real-time reports from anywhere in the world.

Consolidation is the key

One customer profile for all locations means ease of use, centralized loyalty rewards, no duplication and effective customer analytics. Same applies for products too – how cool is that!

Easily specify who works at which store for access permissions and roster setup. Administrators get to access all outlets and registers.

Advance inventory

Manage separate inventory for each and every store location.


Accounting integration

Webstika will automatically post transactions, customer records, daily totals and other data to your accounting system. Save time & money by integrating to Xero and QuickBooks Online.

eCommerce integration

Webstika fully integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. Sync all sales, inventory and customer records.


Webstika is far more than just a beautiful iPad POS. It’s a complete retail POS system with integrated scanner, printer, cash drawer and payment processors. So, you can handle all situations around your sales scene.

It’s a complete retail solution designed to create a customer-friendly business environment without taking focus from what it is about – your business.

24/7 support

Help centre

Prepared by retail experts, our step-by-step knowledge base docs and user guides are available online.

Video tutorials

Useful video tutorials to help you and your team get started with Webstika. This will help your new staff members to virtually train themselves without any help from you.

24/7 email & live chat support

The Webstika support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email and live chat.

Start using our POS system with 14 days free trial

Everything from sales and inventory management to integrated payment processing.


Yes, surely you can. webstika can be used on any computer or device with internet connection and a browser. webstika is also available on a native iPad app downloadable from iTunes store.

Let’s just say that webstika is not cheaper, it is more cost-effective. Normally, a cheaper product would come with a catch, features limitation or hidden costs. None of these apply to webstika. So, Hike is surely an efficient, feature-packed and a cost-effective option compared to its competition.

Migration from another system to webstika is very easy. You’ll simply export your customer and products data from your existing system and import that in Hike with webstika bulk-import feature. For example, if you are currently using a system like Vend, Retail Express, Shopify or Light Speed, you can export your data from those systems. If you require, we also offer free help with data migration. Simply contact our support team and they will have you up and running on webstika in no time!

webstika is your next generation POS system with tons of features and attractive price tag. webstika takes advantage of cloud technology to avails many great retail and analytics features previously only available to enterprise customers through traditional high-end POS systems. webstika works online and offline and it is all you need to sell in-store, online and on-the-go so comparing webstika with outdated costly traditional POS systems will be like comparing apples to oranges.

We would say, webstika is one of the best retail management software available out there. However, don’t take our word for granted, take webstika out for a spin and see it for yourself; 14 days free trial is on us, no credit card required.

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