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Useful integrations

Establish robust connections with our growing list of partners, all of which are designed to maximise your business productivity. From accounting add-ons to versatile eCommerce solutions, Webstika has partnered with renowned business applications, to give you the tools to streamline your business operations. Integrate today, and save time and money whilst boosting your efficiency


Xero is an acclaimed accounting software, that streamlines your business financials with real-time information. Webstika integrates seamlessly with Xero to give you unparalleled productivity.

add-onsWebstika automatically syncs real-time information on your store’s daily sales, payment totals, customer details and more into Xero.

add-onsKeep your contacts and customers in sync between the two platforms. Customer updates flow seamlessly between the two.

add-onsGain additional insights into your business with Webstika & Xero’s reports on sales, revenues and profit margins.

add-onsUse either Webstika or Xero to invoice and manage payments from customers as well as monitor outstanding purchases and overdue accounts.

add-onsXero is easy and powerful to use, making it an efficient solution for all your retail needs with Webstika .

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a powerful business resource tool that lets you do everything from track sales, to run your payroll. Webstika  fully integrates with QuickBooks making your store’s operations run faster.

add-onsWebstika will sync daily totals by product type and cost of goods sold, giving you greater scope of understanding how your business is tracking.

add-onsEasily import all your accounting and customer information from QuickBooks Online into Webstika .

add-onsAn expansive, yet simple to use dashboard makes it easy for you to see how well your store is doing.

add-onsCreate customizable invoices, complete with your company’s branding to engage with your customers further.

add-onsWork anywhere, anytime with your mobile device, gaining real-time insights in your business no matter where you are.


Shopify is the ultimate eCommerce solution businesses, engineered for reliability and scale. Webstika is readily available to connect with Shopify, sharing everything from products to stock in real-time.

add-onsSetting up Webstika and Shopify’s integrations takes a matter of minutes, after which you can start selling your Shopify products in-store with Webstika .

add-onsChoose what new products will be sold online with Shopify, only in-store with Webstika POS or both.

add-onsDevelop new, resourceful insights of your customer base on both online and in-store sales channels to make smarter business decisions.

add-onsView all avenues of your business with Shopify and Webstika in real-time. Instantly track stock movement and your latest sale transactions.


BigCommerce is an expansive eCommerce platform that strengthens businesses to become a successful online store. Webstika offers flawless integration with BigCommerce to enhance business productivity.

add-onsConnect Webstika + BigCommerce to create a streamlined retail ecosystem across all sales channels, that’s intuitive, fast, and designed to ‘Webstika up’ sales.

add-onsInventory, sales orders and customers are instantly synced from Webstika to BigCommerce and vice versa.

add-onsYour data is centrally located, meaning orders from your online store and brick & mortar store remain consistent, and you get real-time inventory updates.

add-onsScale your business with Webstika + BigCommerce integration. Open new outlets, and even sell internationally with ease. BigCommerce makes it easy to perform tax and shipping calculations.

add-onsOrders placed in your BigCommerce store are instantly synced to Webstika , giving you the options of offering in-store pick-up and exchange, making life easier for your customers.


WooCommerce is a complete, customisable eCommerce solution, that’s perfect for building your online business. Webstika gives you the power to combine a potent online platform with a brilliant point of sale.

add-onsWebstika and WooCommerce integration works to complement each other, enabling you to control and manage every aspect of your business.

add-onsManage your products across all sales channels, with Webstika inventory management system that makes adding, editing and deleting items easy. No more double entry.

add-onsAny orders placed in WooCommerce will be immediately synced to Webstika , and vice versa. Never lose sight of your sale transactions or inventory counts, with our full integration.

add-onsLink customer profiles as any orders placed on WooCommerce will automatically be given new accounts with Webstika , that links their entire purchase history.

add-onsSelect the inventory you want to appear on your online store. Whether it’s your entire range of products or select products form your outlets.




Mailchimp is a leading marketing tool for business around the world, making it easier to engage with customers. Webstika integrates seamlessly with Mailchimp, offering robust marketing support.

add-onsWebstika POS + Mailchimp offer expansive customer profiles and groups that can then be used to run targeted newsletter campaigns.

add-onsAutosync your Webstika customer data to Mailchimp, giving you’re a mailing list that’s updated in real-time.

add-onsMailchimp offers advanced reporting about your website activity and advertising content. Use in conjunction with Webstika sales reports to make smarter business decisions.

add-onsEasy to make campaigns based on your store’s products. Create a marketing campaign that’s in keeping with your store’s brand.

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