Grow your retail sales with gift cards

Gift cards built-in to your POS

It’s no surprise that gift-cards are a popular when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. As a retailer you know the importance of selling gift cards and how useful it can be in bringing those additional. However, many small retail stores stay away from selling gift cards for only one reason: maintaining gift cards sales and redemption records is a difficult admin task. With Webstika, gift cards are offered as a built-in feature including their sales, record keeping and reporting.

Easy to sell and redeem

Gift cards are seamlessly built-in into your Webstika POS, making it easy to sell to your customers. Issue gift-cards, and when a customer comes into your store to redeem a product with it, simply scan the barcode using your barcode scanner, to complete the transaction.

Track transactions with gift cards reporting

Webstika’s robust reporting features means that retailers can easily identify gift-card sales on their Webstika Dashboard. Easily view total gift cards sold, their face value, amounts redeemed to date, outstanding balances and so on. webstika will provide you with important insight with auto generated reports.

Use it as your marketing tool

You can get your own branded plastic gift cards printed and display those on checkout just like those corporate giants. This will help you sell more to your existing customers and attract new ones. In turn, build your customer database and increase brand loyalty with Webstika.

    In-store and online

Launch a complete gifting program. Sell eGift cards online and plastic gift cards in your store

 Boost sales

Let customers gift from anywhere and introduce your business to their  friends and family

Built-in feature

Gift cards work seamlessly with your Webstika point of sale and your Webstika Dashboard.

  Smart tracking

Get valuable sales insights and consolidate all your tracking and reporting in one place.

You are in good company

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