Franchise POS

Multiple Stores

Franchises, by their very nature, need full support in scalability. That’s why at Webstika’s we’ve designed a POS that’s perfect in the management of multiple stores. Whether it’s 1 or 100+, Webstika has been built to grow with your franchise, meaning adding new outlets, cash registers, users or products are done as easily as a few clicks.

One Franchise POS, mission control

As a franchise owner, understanding the day-to-day operations of your stores are critical to your business’s success. With Webstika’s cloud-based franchise POS, your store’s mission control can be viewed from anywhere, at any time. All you need is one login, and a device that has access to a web browser and the internet to have full control over any of your store’s transactions.

Franchise POS Reporting

Webstika empowers franchises to make better, smarter decision by giving you full analytical insights into your business operations with an extensive suite of reporting. See which of your stores are doing well and which ones need improvement with real-time information on everything from your sales transactions, inventory levels, and even the performance of your staff.

Complete Franchise POS inventory management

Understanding the ins and outs of your franchisees needs a robust inventory management system. Webstika’s point of sale gives you exactly that, a streamlined process to manage your inventory across multiple sales channels and outlets in real-time. Transfer stock between stores and set up automated re-ordering points for when your inventory for a product is low.

Build customer loyalty

Build your franchise by offering enhanced customer engagement in the form of Webstika’s integrated loyalty program. Customers in your stores will receive loyalty points over purchases they’ve made across all sales channels, on the one account. In addition, add customer messages on receipts and sell gifts cards to keep your old customers engaged and attract new ones.

In The Cloud, On Any Device.

Webstika works on any device. Use iPad, PC or Mac to sell in-store and fire up our iPad register app to sell on-the-go and at events

Webstika Cloud POS on PC

Use Webstika POS on any computer with a web browser

Webstika on any tablet device

Use Webstika on any tablet device with a web browser.

Webstika iPad app

Access Webstika on iPad using our native iPad POS register app.

Webstika on Android tablet

Android app coming soon! Webstika will soon be available on Google Play!

Start, run & grow your business with Webstika

The all-in-one retail platform with everything you need

Any device

Use Webstika on iPad, PC or Mac. Use it on device that suits your store setup and counter size.


Sell in-store, on-the-go and even access it from home – Webstika is on cloud and accessible from anywhere.

Works offline

Continue selling even when offline. Your POS works both online & offline. No internet dependency!

Robust inventory using your Coffee shop POS

Easily create and manage your product details with variant level inventory tracking.

Multiple payment types

Accept cash, card, gift cards or sell ‘on account’. Webstika works with leading payment providers globally.

Deals, loyalty, gift cards in your Coffee shop POS

Grow your business with customer-centric features like special deals, gift cards and loyalty program.

Getting started with Webstika is very easy

With powerful data import features, rich support articles and 24/7 support, Webstika makes it easier.

Import your data

You can upload all existing products & customers data in one go with our intuitive DIY data import feature.

Customize your Furniture store

Webstika is fully customizable and lets you set your currency, time-zone, tax-rules & even language settings

24/7 support

If you get stuck, our 24/7 support team is here to help – We’ll respond promptly even if you are not our paid customer yet.

You are in good company

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