Retail staff management made easy

Flexible employee management

Webstika makes ALL aspects of business retailing easier, including how you manage your employees. With Webstika POS, gain complete access to your staff’s roster, enabling you to make any changes necessary on the fly.

Employee Scheduling

Schedule your staff’s working hours, manage their public holiday leave and organize shifts with our easy to use roster management system. Even manage the occasional shift change or annual leave.

Access from anywhere

Yes, Webstika and our employee management tool, was designed to be available to you anywhere. Don’t waste your time trying to commit rosters to memory. Webstika POS gives you real-time information that you can access from the comforts of your own home, 24 hours 7 days a week.


Manage employee’s user permissions

The employee management tool gives retailers the ability to set permissions for all your staff – even across multiple stores – in real-time with ease. With a unique passcode, you can specify who works at which store and he/she will be given access to the section of Webstika that relates to their role. Determine who gets to edit inventory or give refunds by their role.

Reconciling made easy

Tips and commissions your staff receive, can be tracked to each user account at the end of the day. Moreover, your employee management tool can see when your staff clocks in and out from Webstika  calculating any overtime payments instantly.

Assess staff performance

All transactions made in Webstika are recorded under the staff member logged in, providing retailers a more holistic view of their business. Additionally, it can be useful in calculating performance based payments and reviewing transaction histories. Find out who your best employees are and see which ones that need improvement.

Customize your reporting

Set custom employee reports gain more refined insights into your business, by selecting filters that help you understand a certain aspect more in depth. Get precise reporting to your payroll department, with details on the number of hours worked by each of your employees for a specified date range.

Assign your staff to new locations on-the-road

Import your staff into Webstika using a CSV file or just add them through Webstika dashboard, and assign them to new locations in just a few clicks.

iPad Retailing

Take advantage of Webstika employee management tool to set your staff working on-the-road. All they’ll need in a mobile device like the iPad to start selling goods, and a log-in ID.

Secure employee permissions

Employee passcodes allow you to keep track of who processed each transaction.

Built-in timecards

Employees clock in and out at the point of sale. Edit hours anywhere and transfer them to Webstika Payroll.

Automatic tip reconciliation

With employee passcodes, there’s no math involved in figuring out tips and commissions.

Customized permission levels

Give different employees/roles different levels of access to your Dashboard.

Getting started with Webstika is easy

With powerful data import features, rich support articles and 24/7 support, Webstika makes it easier.

Import your data

You can upload all existing products & customers data in one go with our intuitive DIY data import feature.

Customize your POS

Webstika is fully customizable and lets you set your currency, time-zone, tax-rules & even language settings

24/7 support

Webstika has clients in over 65 countries, and our excellent support team is available to help 24/7, wherever you are in the world.

You are in good company

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