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Setting up your eCommerce online store with Webstika is a breeze. Webstika offers free integration with renowned platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify so all you need to do is activate Webstika sync. With your product catalogue centrally located for in-store & online sales, you can decide the products and prices available on each. Once you know what will be sold online, add shipping rules, select your site design, and write a blurb or two about your business, and you’re all set to sell online!

Get real-time eCommerce updates

As Webstika is a cloud-based solution, all your inventory and purchase orders are updated in real-time. Don’t be restricted by when you can view those reports, but rather gain the latest information of what’s happening in your store, whenever you want. With your eCommerce platform, you’ll have all your sales analytics available to view in the one, streamlined place.


eCommerce Integration Add-Ons

Already selling online using another platform? Well Webstika integrates seamlessly with industry leading eCommerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce and Woocommerce. Syncing takes only a few minutes before your eCommerce catalogue and Webstika are linked. You can even import customer profiles, and historical sales transactions.

Synchronisation through all sales channels

Any order you receive – whether in-store or online – comes through to your Webstika register, meaning your staff will only ever have to process sales on one system. With Webstika perfect inventory sync you will never over-sell and will always know exactly how much stock you have. Your brick and mortar and eCommerce stores will enjoy the fluidity of live synchronisations.


Beautiful eCommerce themes

Select one of our modern and trendy website designs for your store, giving you and your customer an elegant interface in which to browse your products from. Personalize your theme by adding in your store’s logo and add any relevant pages you want. Webstika makes it easy for you to update and customize your eCommerce page in the way you want.

In-store pick up

Make shopping even easier for your customers by providing them with a click & collect service that lets users buy products directly from your site and pick up the items in your store, at their convenience. Provide customers with a popular option, that eliminates annoying checkout and waiting lines completely.

(Our eCommerce feature is currently under development. Stay tuned for new updates soon!)

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