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Speak to a real person (and not just some automated robot) who will help you with your issues instantly. Our friendly live web chat support team are always on-hand to help you out.

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Head to our Help Center view a wide-range of resources designed to help you get the most out of Webstika POS. From user guides, frequently asked questions and video tutorials, become a Webstika pro in no time at all.


Our Webstika experts conduct live web-based tutorials, designed to go through the POS from its most basic features to more advanced configurations. A perfect way for you to ask all your questions.

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Migrating your data

Webstika makes it easy for you to migrate all your data across, as we’ll take all your launch day operations, ensuring a quick and easy set-up from day one.

Retail Trends

Get the inside information on the latest trends and tips to help you manage your retail store effectively. With new blogs out weekly, find new ways to guarantee your store’s success.

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Trade shows & Expos

We love visiting trade shows and expos around the world, showing the power of Webstika POS to diverse audiences. Stay tuned to our social media channels to see if Webstika is coming to an expo near you, and see our POS in action for yourself!

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